Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sensationalism Reigns posted an excellent article this month about the degradation of television news, avalable at:

Take a moment to check it out. The article addresses the perceived (by media insiders) lack of news value of the Scott Peterson media circus, the decline of in-depth reporting for want of the "quick hit" news story, and the rising stock of consultants, and the publicity "flacks" that shape our news, which make as much as three times the money that a journalist charged with unbiased objectivity makes.

If bias is what sells, and sales equate to value, who can we trust to deliver us news that reports an objective look at the happenings of our world?

Props to John McMannus for his piece, titled "Bottom-line pressures erode local print and broadcast journalism," which explores these difficult challenges to journalists who stick to their convictions that their responsibility to the public remains paramount.