Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Laura Bush. What a Kidder!

Hey, Laura Bush told a joke. She called herself a Desperate Housewife and roasted her husband. Reports out of Washington say her canned jokes were hysterical, and every respecatable news outlet in the country, and many around the world are still prominently running the story.

In January, George's iPod playlist was inexplicably leaked to press. Huge news, and worthy of in-depth analyses.

In December it was a video of their dog looking for their cat, starring the administration's best pals that made headlines all over. Not sure who paid for it but it was some compelling footage.

If the president issued a statement about what he had for breakfast, do you think he could get them to cover that? Suppose he was eating doughnuts again, after they made him fat on the campaign trail. Maybe? I'd guess probably.

So if they are taking the administration's bait on light stories to cover, I wonder what happens with the stories he'd rather they not talk about?


Blogger Mark said...

to answer your question...yes. if george bush wanted to inform the public of what he had for breakfast, the press would report it. (and probably get it all wrong) this is the way the american press has always done and, not only will they continue, they will get progressively worse if history is any indication. i have opinions, lol, see me at leftfieldperspectives.blogspot.com......don't let the title fool you. i am far from a leftist.

5/06/2005 2:50 PM  

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